Baltic sea wind power farm



AVEC-1 plot is 5,1 km far from the coast line with 20 to 30 meters depth. Vestas V90-3,0 MW and Siemens SWT-7.0-154 wind turbines were preliminary selected for AVEC Project.

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AVEC-2 plot is located further – 31,7 km far from the coast line, while the depth reaches 41 to 53 meters. Average annual wind speed at the height of 100 meters is forecasted as 8,5 and 9 m/s respectively.

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AVEC offshore wind power project is one of the most advanced in Lithuania and European Union according to criteria of Sustainable Innovation:

Responsibility for future

At the end of exploitation period wind turbines will be decommissioned while materials and equipment will be reprocessed. Utilization costs are included in investment project. All this leads to no problems will be left for the future generations.

Social sphere

AVEC project will attract investments in the amount of 800 to 1024 million euro. AVEC wind power farm will add 89 to 127 million euro to the GDP of Lithuania and will pay to the State‘s budget 24 to 36 million euro VAT and profit taxes.

Labour productivity

Thanks to permanently growing automation and robotization the construction and O&M requires less human work. Offshore wind parks are operated in autonomous mode while human attention is needed only few times per year.


AVEC wind power project will increase the part of renewable electrical energy consumption in Lithuania from 13 percent in 2020 year till 44 percent after project implementation resulting in reducing pollution of environment.

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